Project 2 Event Ad

Microsoft Word - P2Wilkerson_v6.docx


This is an Event Ad I created this week for my Comm130 course.

  1. Description: This was a project for my visual communications course in which I had to create an event ad for a charity fundraiser.
  2. Process (Programs, Tools, Skills, FOCUS principles): The software used is Microsoft Word for MAC 2011. The image was scanned from my home office printer. I scaled back this final copy quite a bit from the original version. I focused on a clean look with a lot of white space and easy-to-read typography. The image has three square cards, so I decided to utilize squares in the rest of my layout. I chose a large title in a bold black color as the focal point. In the end I decided to draw attention to the tagline under the image so the viewer would feel like they needed to participate in this event and make a difference.
  3. Message: The message is card workshop attendees pay for a craft, and the proceeds pay for surgeries performed by Operation Smile.
  4. Audience: The audience is people who like to paper craft.
  5. Color scheme and color names: I used colors from the image using the eyedropper tool in MS Word.
  6. Top Thing Learned: The most important thing I learned from this project was to let go of images and designs I loved. I had some really cool banners on the page, but it was too busy. In the end I deleted them and went for simplicity.
  7. Title Font Name & Category: I used various weights of Avenir type which is a sans serif.
  8. Copy Font Name & Category: I chose to stick with Avenir for the body copy as well.
  9. Scanned images used, sources, original sizes, location of scanner used: The scanned image was from CardMaker magazine. The original size was 8.625” x 10.75”. I scanned the image using and Epson XP 820 printer in my home office.

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