3 thoughts on “Project 6 Stationery

    1. Hey Sheila,
      I think this design looks really great. I think the squares and circles in the background add a fun element to it. I agree with Brad that the extra red color in the mix makes the whole design pop and adds more visual interest. I also like how you not only gradient the color on the back of the card, but the size of the shapes as well, so it all fades into the logo on the right. Overall I thinks it’s a great design, nice job.

      if you get a chance, could you check out my blog and let me know how I did?


  1. Hi Sheila,
    Both your logos last week and the stationary this week look very solid and professional. In this design, the horizonal line treatment has a sturdy, corporate feel that contrasts nicely with the more “pixie stardust” layout of the geometric shapes. The blue and red also portray a solid message, although the lighter shade of blue adds a nice bit of fun. You have the same fit in type with the stable-feeling slab paired with the wider, fun sans, making the whole piece a great example of gestalt.

    Great work!


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