Magazine Spread Project

Final Draft
Final Draft
Magazine Spread Sketch Image
Magazine Spread Shape Map Image
Shape Map

Above is the shape map I created with InDesign to help organize the content of my magazine spread. The shape map is based off of a concept sketch I did for the magazine spread last week. My concept is to have upward climbing text to complement the message of the story. You can see that I’ve strayed from the “best sketch” in the previous post. This concept is a better fit.

The shape map allowed me to visualize where elements such as the title, body copy, white space, and images would appear on the spread. At this point in the creative process, I used paragraph styles to set up elements such as the title, body copy, quote, and notes. Inserting actual content at this phase also allowed me to see if I needed to edit my story to make is shorter, or if I could alter the type size to make the story fit.

Here is a draft spread with the images and body copy inserted:

Draft Magazine Spread Image
Draft Magazine Spread


Title – Bernard MT Condenced, serif.

Body copy – Stemple Garamond Pro, serif. I really liked the x-height of this font and how it added to the texture of the page.

Image Source:

Photos provided by Sheila Wilkerson

Draft Critique:

On Thursday, March 26, I met online in Google Hangouts with two classmates (Cynthia and Tonya) for feedback on my magazine spread. We discussed the font size and leading of the body copy. Everyone agreed the current settings are suitable. We discussed placement for the pull quote/scripture and whether or not to add a color block behind it. I will experiment with that option. We also talked about color choices. I wanted their opinion on whether monochromatic was a good plan or should I bring in another color.  We decided that the terra cotta was a good choice given the story is takes place in the Grand Canyon.



2 thoughts on “Magazine Spread Project

  1. I think this is a fantastic design. I love how you cut out the shape of the cliff to go along with the flow of the design. The color of your words really goes well with the pictures and fits with the overall theme. I think that your font choice works out really well with your design. This will make a wonderful portfolio piece, great job.


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