Project 9 Portfolio

Project Corrections / Time spent:
I made changes to two projects in my portfolio.  On my webpage project I added a bit of padding between the blue border at the top of the page and the logo to allow the white space to flow across the page.  I spent about 10 minutes on this, and about 10 minutes creating a screenshot and sizing the image for my portfolio. I also tweaked my Event Ad. The text was a little crowded around the pink square at the bottom of the page.  I spent about 10 minutes on this project as well.

This portfolio is a compilation of my course work this semester for Comm130, Visual Media. The book demonstrates my talents and skills.

This book is for anyone looking for assistance with visual media.

Top Thing Learned:
I created the background using Photoshop. I really enjoyed playing with the brush tool to paint on the wood. I look forward to learning more about this tool.

Future application of Visual Media:
Currently I am an online student at Brigham Young University Idaho pursuing a degree in Web Design and Development. I know I will use the skills and knowledge I have gained in this course for web design and for other visual media.

Color scheme and color names: 
The color scheme  of my portfolio is monochromatic teal.

Title Font Name & Category:
I used a decorative font called Lobster for the title. It’s a favorite of mine.

Copy Font Name & Category:
I used Legacy Sans ITC Pro, and sans serif for my body copy. I chose this font for it’s thin strokes and narrow width.

Thumbnails of Images used::

Sources (Links to images on original websites / with title of site):

You can see more of my work at