M1 How-To Poster

Here is my work from the How To Poster Module 1. I’ve inserted the poster mock ups at the top. Scroll all the way down to see the complete process book.

Vintage Poster
Process Book page for Vintage Poster
Clouds poster
Process Book page for Clouds Poster

Below are larger images of the posters.

Enlarged view
Enlarged viewM1 Process Book cover

M1 Process Book p2 M1 Process Book p3

M1 Process Book p4 M1 Process Book p5 M1 Process Book p6 M1 Process Book p7 M1 Process Book p8 M1 Process Book p9 M1 Process Book p10

M1 Process Book p11 M1 Process Book p12 M1 Process Book p13 M1 Process Book p14 M1 Process Book p15 M1 Process Book p16

M1 Wilkerson Process Book P17 M1 Wilkerson Process Book P18



3 thoughts on “M1 How-To Poster

  1. Over all I think you have some pretty strong ideas and elements with your poster. I think it needs a few refinements here and there but over all It is easy to follow and easy to understand. Great job!

    Poster#1 I am having a hard time following the steps. it seems weird to me to see 1,2 on the right then go across those images to get to 345, then back to right for the final… I would just rearrange the blocks so that 1,2,3,4 are on the left and 5 and final are on the right. I also think the face is a bit distracting. I would take that out and make the ice-cream large and to the side and not in a box. This will give you some hierarchy.

    Poster#2 Great job on this poster design. I really like how simple everything is and how you dissected the item. I am not sure if you need the plus signs but it works and doesn’t take away from the design. The chocolate syrup looks a bit weird. I would get rid of the pouring part. The user can understand it is chocolate syrup with out that.

    Over all, really great start!

    Katie Tooley

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  2. I love your style! You’re process book is an inspiration. I love the way you organized it and the dots are playful and interesting. Thanks for your feedback on my poster. I’m inspired to try again. What font are you using for your process book body copy? I love it.

    I really like your second poster the best. The color palette works really well and it’s easy to see exactly how to put it together. One suggestion I have is the chocolate syrup the drip looks a little like alfalfa hair standing up. Maybe you could break it up so the drip wasn’t a steady drip? or maybe you don’t need the drip and it could just be a swirl of chocolate more like the image of the whip cream.


  3. Hey Sheila, these are some pretty great posters. You always do such amazing work.

    First Poster | I love the organic feel of this poster. Having step 3 be to the left of step 2 seems out of place to me even though number 2 is closer to one that way. People tend to ignore any reading, even the numbers, so I think they will most likely look at step 3 first and then step 2 because we read left to right. The face licking the lips does a great job communicating that it is delicious and ready to eat. Having the box be twice the size also shows great use of hierarchy.

    Second Poster | This is a very effective way of showing how to assemble the sundae. I’m not sure what the part of the chocolate that sticks up above the curved part is though. Having the whipped cream placed with a cloud behind it makes the whip cream look like a cloud itself. You might want to reflect the background so that there is blue behind the whip cream instead. Though I think most people know what the ingredients of an ice cream sundae are, for someone who might not, perhaps someone who is from a different culture, these may not be as obvious.

    I truly admire your work!


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