M2 How-To Poster

Part 2 – Refine your best version of your poster. Or go back to the drawing board.

M2 Process Book page 1 M2 Process Book page 2 M2 Process Book Page 3 Page 4 Page 5

M2 Process Book p 6M2 Process Book p7M2 Process Book p8


4 thoughts on “M2 How-To Poster

  1. Wow, really great job. I love the retro sign and the vintage feel of your poster, but when I scroll down I think the trucks are going to be the best thing for you. If you want to keep it simple I say stick with the vintage feel. If you want to ramp it up, go with construction. I really love both!


  2. I’m not sure what “googie” means, but you have great improvements on your vintage poster. I think the drop shadows are effective. They aren’t blaring in the face, but just enough to put some depth in your design.

    The twinkle star on the left gets kind of lost because of how thin it is on a background that is close in value. At least in the size that I am viewing this the small blue elements such as the small spoons seem a little lost too. I understand the flow of the steps very well. One thing that I would suggest is to show some visual hierarchy in you ice cream illustrations, as they are all about the same size, so nothing seems more important than another. Perhaps make the final product stand out more, make it bigger, or show some zoom shots of putting the sprinkles on, etc.

    On your construction poster I think the idea of using several trucks at various stages is very clear as to the order of the steps. I’m excited to see the final product. Your sketches look great. I know this is still under construction (pun intended), and you probably know this, but the bottom of your ice cream carton should be curved too.


  3. I love your vintage poster. I’m really impressed with it. One thing I’d be interested to see is if you played with the color a bit more so that that all of your objects (bowls, cartons, etc) pop out a bit more. They’re pretty close in value to the background so I think that might make it look a bit better. But I honestly don’t know how else it can be improved other than maybe playing around with the placement of the sparkle so it’s not in the middle of the space. But that’s just being nitpicky. I would say stick to that one. You’ve got a good thing going there.


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