M3 Final How-To Poster and Data Visualization

After three weeks of iterations, the How-To Poster project is finally complete. This week I began researching for a new project. Over the next four weeks I will be creating a visual data map. I have struggled to chose a dataset. Options include: Industry Output, Electricity production from oil, and Total marine fish catch.

How-To Poster *Final*

Mapping W1 P1 Mapping W1 P2 Mapping W1 P3 Mapping W1 P4 Mapping W1 P5 Mapping W1 P6 Mapping W1 P10


3 thoughts on “M3 Final How-To Poster and Data Visualization

  1. Hi Sheila! You have some very solid research here! I love your physical data posters you found, the veggies poster is awesome! I always gravitate to the realistic imagery, I think there is something beautiful about finding relationships among data and our real world. You also did a great job with your final poster, what a creative way to show the assembly of delicious ice cream!


  2. Sheila, I love the finished poster for the How-to project. The added details to your trucks are a huge improvement. I also like the multi-colored sprinkles. I really like the addition of the diamond signs for numbering the steps; it works really well and adds to the construction theme. You are a great designer and you always do amazing work.


  3. Your final how to poster looks so fun. I really like how it turned out. I think you have some really nice examples of visual data that will help you with your project. I think you also listed some nice ideas as well. Did you do some digital mock ups or decide on what data you wanted to use? Can’t wait to see! Good job this week.


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