Module 4 – Project 2

There is a lot of green in my map, therefore I’m considering splitting the group into two groups. This will help the type on the left as well. The black and white map is a work-in-progress. I experimented with making my own patterns. I will need to build up my physical data presentation as well.

Mapping-W2-SM-p13 Mapping-W2-SM-p14 Mapping-W2-SM-p16 Mapping-W2-SM-p17 Mapping-W2-SM-p18


One thought on “Module 4 – Project 2

  1. Cool idea for your data visualization. I think it was smart to use goldfish crackers and the whole set up has a nice theme. I like the look of the second map, but it doesn’t feel like it makes sense with the survey you chose. So I’m curious to see how it turns out since you said you wanted to work on it some more.


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