M8 Project 4 – Information Exhibit Research

I plan to focus my research on Educational Spending in the U.S. and it’s correlation to academic performance, graduation rates, long-term employment outcome, effects on society and whether or not the public is willing to pay more for education.

IDEO Cards – 

  • Learn Activity #1 Secondary Research, #2 Character Profile
  • Ask Activity #1 Use Surveys and Questionnaires to determine if parents and students are satisfied with the spending and education received. Also find out if taxpayers are willing to pay more.
P4 W1 p2
Group Schedule page 1
P4 W1 p3
Group Schedule page 2

P4 W1 p4 P4 W1 p5 P4 W1 p6 P4 W1 p7 P4 W1 p8


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