Project 3 LEGO App – FINAL

UPDATE 4/8/2016 —  Click the link to see the Final version of the LEGO App mock up. Final_LEGO_App PDF

Well almost final. Check back for updates.

The navigation on the pages other than the home screen looks like a slice of pepperoni pizza. I was hoping to mimic the brick on the home screen. Do you think a square brick would be better, or just put in a normal navigation and abandon the cutesy themed stuff.

Home screen
The view above is the home screen. The User will will click the square LEGO brick to jump to the page. The bar selected will darken on hover.
Screen 2
I intended for the 3D LEGO brick to take the user back to Home. However, I’m not sure how to indicate that capability.
Screen 3
The user can click the arrow to go back, click the 3D brick to go home, or swipe the screen to see additional content. I think I need an arrow to go the NEXT page as well.


Chart showing bricks by size and color


Screen 6
This screen is reserved for pie / ring graphs depicting block sizes and how many of each color.
Screen 7
The polar chart depicts sorting times. It will be refined to reflect the colors used throughout the project, as well as provide more specific information about the data presented.
Screen 8
This page is reserved for some fun LEGO facts.
Screen 9
This page is reserved for a mini quiz. The answers will be available as a pop up on a real working app.

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