B250 – Online Marketing Wk3 Reflection

I’m a consultant for Close To My Heart (CTMH). They sell scrapbooking and papercrafting products through representatives like me. While working on the assignments this week for my online marketing course, I came to realize that my CTMH business fits both the affiliate marketing and the drop shipping models.

I have a website provided by CTMH where customers can order and have goods delivered right to their door. I don’t even collect payment in this scenario. I drive customers to that sight by posting artwork to my blog, Pinterest and Facebook. This is the affiliate marketing model.

I also take orders directly from customers who I meet at craft workshops or in-home parties. I collect payment and then enter the orders on a backend website. CTMH collects their fee from me and sends the products to the customer. This is the drop shipping model.

This week I will need to pick a product to sell online. I have some ideas, but like the group in the scenario I’ve been studying this semester, I’m not sure how much time I can commit to this project. The time constraint may drive what type of business model and product I select.


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