So Many Decisions…

I thought most people started a business because they were passionate about something or had a particular talent in a related area. There seems to be a lot more involved than simply opening a dance studio because I love dancing or because I’m an accomplished ballerina.

In the B250 course this week, students were to select a product to sell online. This could be likened to deciding what I want to be when I grow up. Well, not for me – I am not a business major nor am I looking to be self-employed with a web business. But for someone with that goal, selecting a product could be daunting. I am amazed at the way people can make money on the web. There’s no shortage of good ideas if one has ambition and tenacity.

Learning about Google Adwords (GA) was eye-opening as well. Using GA is like buying an ad in the newspaper. The more you spend the more prominent your business will be promoted. So even though consumers don’t use the newspaper like they used to, the advertising model hasn’t changed much.


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