B250 Wk6 Reflection

It is time. Today I am filing for a business license from the city and the state to start up my online business selling scrapbook layouts. I have been dragging my feet this week to set up the business because letting go of the money for fees is a challenge. It’s not that I don’t have the money, but I’m not intending this business to be a going concern after this semester is over. Hence this outlay of cash seems frivolous. I keep reminding myself that I didn’t have to purchase textbooks. Since the city charges an additional fee for licenses issued after a business is started, I am motivated to get this done.

I’m anxious to get into SEO. I had a course about a year ago that I thought would provide SEO instruction, but it was more about optimizing websites with graphics, and resizing graphics to improve load time. That will come in handy, however, as I upload photos of product to my site.

I’m close to graduation so I decided to look online for employment opportunities. Most of the job descriptions left me feeling unprepared. Maybe after an internship, I’ll gain more confidence. I did see some jobs requiring ecommerce knowledge, so this class will help with that.


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