B250 Wk8 Reflection

Buy my stuff. That’s what this week was all about; writing ads to promote our websites. I found it more challenging to write my own ad than to help other classmates with suggestions for their ads. I found the discussion board activity extremely helpful this week. Sharing our proposed Google Ads provided me with feedback from real people who are not as close to my product as I am. Therefore, they offer a different perspective. I provided two different ads, and I got mixed reviews. Some chose one ad while other chose the second ad for the opposite reasons. So I will have to weigh their comments carefully.

screen shot Google Ad
Original Ad


screen shot of Google Ad
Revised Ad

One peer gave me suggestions that were completely new for my ad. I think the best approach will be some incorporation of all the advice, and going with what my gut says. I wanted to utilize a tool on the Adwords webpage to see how my wording measured up, but I don’t think that’s possible until I actually post the ad. That seems backwards, so it’s possible I misunderstood.

I received my state business license in the mail this week. Now I feel official. I’m almost ready with my Google Ad to go live and then wait for the product to fly off the shelf, so to speak. Before I do that I want to add a few more product categories to the website.


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