B250 Wk12 Reflection

Social Media Marketing

I don’t use social media to it’s fullest. I visit Facebook to see what friends and relatives are up to. I don’t really follow any companies or business. Twitter seems to be all about celebrities, or a way to chat about what’s trending. Tweeting seems like a long hard road to building a customer base. Google Plus seems late to the party, but I’ve learned a few things about the application which seems to position it well for business use.

I read an article this week warning against the pitfalls of social media marketing. Users have such short attention spans and get distracted by cute videos and trending headlines. I myself am guilty of forgetting my purpose after logging into Facebook and seeing the video of the adorable squirrel waterskiing. The author of said article recommends using electronic mail such as Mail Chimp to get content in front of customers. I like this idea. I see the value in social networking to build my customer base and brand loyalty/trust, however it may not be the most reliable tool for delivering content.

I learned about service providers such as HootSuite who can manage social media marketing for business owners. This may be a smart option if one is seriously committed to building a web business. The investment may be high, but the returns could be worth it.

I started Project 5 this week using WooRank. The analysis revealed some weaknesses in my website, which I’m not sure I can resolve due to the fact that I’m using a web building tool. I will research those issues this week and see if I can improve my score.


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